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MCCH Announces Retirement of Pam Keller, Lab Coordinator After 25 Years of Service

May 9, 2022

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Pam Keller, Laboratory Coordinator retires from Murray-Calloway County Hospital after 25 years of service. She has over 44 years in the profession and has continued to stay throughout Covid to help implement the new molecular technology that was needed.

“I like my job still and developing the team concept and encouraging everyone to do their best and try to look for the good in everyone. I feel blessed I’m in a profession you can continue to grow in knowledge and maturity every day,” she said.

Pam is married to her husband Randy of 27 years who is employed as a professor of Occupational Safety and Health at Murray State University. During her retirement, she plans to cycle more, attend all the Racer games in the new conference, and spend time with her family. She would also like to travel to Argentina and New Zealand at some point.

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